Harley Davidson Repair & Service

Harleys are a special breed of motorcycle, and we know how to treat them right. Many of our technicians worked and trained at a Harley Davidson facility, and we’ve worked on nearly every make and model on the road today.

Repair & Service

Whether you’ve been in a serious accident, had to lay down the bike or have a problem with any aspect of your Harley, we can help get you back on the road.

Fluid leaks are one of the biggest non-maintenance issue that bring people into our shop. On Harleys they can be difficult to address, but we have the systems in place to fix these issues. First, we do the little things right like storing new seals on lengths of a hose rather than wire to keep them pristine. Next, we clean, and if necessary, file the connecting parts to assure a complete seal. Finally, we conduct a brief road test to assure that the problem is resolved.

Another common issue is the spring in the clutch basket slipping. Even with routine maintenance, this problem can arise. If you can’t shift or find neutral, you have an issue with the clutch basket. We’ve seen this issue many time, especially in the newer Sportsters, and we know how to fix the problem.

Other typical Harley repairs that we make are to the compensators and carburetors, and we can handle every other possible repair needs. In addition, we do complete engine rebuilds on all Harley makes and models, disassembling the engine to the bare block and rebuilding it with all new components.

We conduct a diagnostic evaluation and give you a cost estimate before starting the work. If we do the work, the diagnostic is free. If you plan to take your bike to another shop for repair, we will charge for the diagnostic.

Routine Maintenance

We take routine maintenance seriously, and so should you. Following the recommended maintenance schedule, keeps you on the road and avoids costly breakdowns and repairs. Our maintenance check list is extensive, including more than the oil and sparkplug change to including adjusting the breaks, lubricating the brake, clutch levers and throttle cables, repacking wheel bearings and so much more.

We know and love Harleys and will give your bike the same quality and detailed maintenance that we would give our own.