Honda Repair & Service

Honda motorcycles are great and fun to ride. They come in a variety of makes and models, and we’ve worked on all of them.

Repair and Rebuild

Over the years we have completed many types of repairs on all types of Honda motorcycles. The design of these bikes makes them more prone to specific issues which we have extensive experience in correcting. For example, serious problems can occur if a Honda sits idle for a long period of time. When this happens the carburetor, fuel injection system and charging system can be damaged and the pump may be destroyed. If your Honda motorcycle hasn’t been driven in several months, we can conduct a pre-season inspection to make sure that the bike is road-safe. Another challenge is that valve adjustments are required more often than is typical with other motorcycles. If the valves are out of alignment because you needed to lay the bike down or from general usage, the bike is noisy and losses efficiency. In these situations, a valve adjustment should be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the motorcycle. If these problems don’t occur, alignments should be done every 9,000 to 15,000 miles. We have performed thousands of valve adjustments on nearly every type of Honda motorcycle, so we know what we’re doing. Issues with intake and exhaust valves are often common with Honda motorcycles, except for some of the touring models. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnosis and correct any valve issues. In addition to repairs, we also perform full engine rebuilds on all Honda motorcycles. We disassemble the engine down to the bare block and rebuild it with all new components. This is a great way to enhance the performance of your machine. We conduct a diagnostic evaluation and give you a cost estimate before starting the work. If we do the work, the diagnostic is free. If you plan to take your bike to another shop for repair, we will charge for the diagnostic.

Routine Maintenance

Honda motorcycles have a one oil system for the entire bike, unlike a Harley which has three distinct oils. This one oil design means that the oil gets dirty faster and requires more frequent changes, once every 3,000 miles. If this maintenance isn’t well-managed, the engine and other components can be seriously damaged. During the 3,000 mile maintenance check, we also address all of the issues on our detailed list of required actions. These include checking and adjusting the drive belt, inspecting the brake pads and disk, and checking brake fluid levels and much more.