Motorcycle Routine Maintenance

If you are like us, your motorcycle isn’t just a mode of transportation, it is your “baby” and you need to keep it running optimally with comprehensive routine maintenance.

For Harley Davidson motorcycles, the recommended maintenance schedule is every 5,000 miles. For Honda motorcycles, the recommended schedule is every 3,000 miles, which requires more math to keep up with this process.

At the Ride Factory, our 5,000/3,000* mile routine maintenance service includes 20 distinct actions ranging from oil change and filter replacement to the inspection of hydraulic lines to check for leaks. Some of our long term customers prefer to do their own oil change and have us perform the other tasks on the list, which we are happy to do.

Our 10,000/9,000 routine maintenance service includes everything from the first list plus eight additional items. A few of these items are checking and adjusting the primary chain, repacking wheel bearings, and lubricating all hinges, latches fuel door and more.

The 15,000 mile routine maintenance service is the same as the 5,000/3,000 service.

At the 20,000/21,000 mile routine maintenance service, we complete all of the tasks included in the 10,000 mile package, plus we change the fork oil.